17 Huge Mistakes That Every Amateur Blogs make

To error is a nature of human being. Everybody does mistake when he trying to do perform in new field.

Blogging is not a easy task becuase fresh blogger do many mistake in their Amateur blogs.

You may have made mistakes the very first time you were driving a car, the first time you were starting an online business or the first time you rode on a bicycle. Mistakes are part of the learning curve in life.

But there are many common mistakes seen in many amateur blogs which need to be highlighted.

 New bloggers are making some unpardonable mistakes that stunt their progress in blogging. There are a few things that make it very glaring that they are still operating amateur blogs.

As a new blogger, it makes sense for you to, first of all, learn from the mistakes of others before venturing into blogging.

Some amateur blogs are run with some costly mistakes that can lead to a drop in readership and bad reputation.

 In this article, we are going to point out the mistakes that are seen on a daily basis in amateur blogs.

1.Muddled backgroun​d

This is one of the mistakes seen in some amateur blogs. Background and poor layout is one sign of running amateur blogs. Amateur blogs usually use very chaotic background and messy layout. Some have loud colours and others have a heavy background that makes the blog so heavy to load.

​If you have a background image, ensure it is well optimized to that it doesn’t drag down your blog.

If you are using a colour background, ensure that the colour has some semblance with the entire outlook of the blog itself.

Use different background colours to be sure of which one that suits the blog appropriately. This is so important.

2.Terri​ble text formatting

Nothing else makes amateur blogs than poor formatting of text.

Putting dark texts on a dark background is a sign you are running amateur blogs. There is nothing that annoys the readers than having difficulty reading the articles on your blog.

​Putting dark texts on a dark background is making the texts unreadable. Many bloggers are guilty of this offence.

When you have a dark background, the texts should with a light colour. For instance, if you have a black background, your texts should be white.

This makes it readable. Try out different background colours and different text colours and ensure that the texts are quite visible. Also, ensure that your texts are well centred and look neat.

 Make your heading bold and ensure that the texts align well with the page. There should be gaps in between one word and the other. The texts should not be muddled up.


Amateur blogs

Plagiarism is another sign that you are running amateur blogs. This is a sign of mental laziness.

 There is nothing wrong in copying someone’s work, but permission must be sought from the original owner. Using someone else’s article and posting it like you wrote it is very criminal.

​If you cannot write a good article by yourself, it makes sense to pay professional article writers or copywriters to help you write original contents.

You are still running amateur blogs if all you do is “copy and paste”. Using other people’s material won’t take you too far.

Plagiarized materials can terribly affect your progress in blogging. Get quality contents and stop running amateur blogs that are sabotaging your efforts.  

​4.Using many fonts

It is not ideal to use different fonts on your blogs. This creates distortion for the readers.

​You can definitely differentiate the heading from the body with a different font but not having different fonts for an article. This is another way to identify amateur blogs.

​Make sure that the font of the article is the same all through.If you need to make quotation marks with a different font, there is no problem but ensure that the texts are uniform using the same font.

5.Unhe​​​​lpful contents

​Readers don’t go to your blog because you write a deluge of articles with thousands of words.

​No! Readers want to read articles that they can relate with. They want to read articles that solve problems.

​You are still running amateur blogs if your articles are just full of words but they are not intended to help the readers in any way.

​6.Poor navigation​​​​

​Properly linking your blog from one page to another is very essential. You are still running amateur blogs when you can link your blog pages to connect properly with another

​Some navigational links take you to a dead page where the page is just blank.

​This doesn’t help at all. Take time to check all the links on your blog to ensure that it directs the readers to where it is intended. Dead links are signs that the blogger is probably not a serious one.

​7.Using free platforms

Running your blogs on free blogging platforms like WordPress.com or Blogger.com shows you are running amateur blogs.

 It is difficult to even attract readership and advertisers to free blogging platforms. Using free platforms make everything look unprofessional

Your contents and your entire website have more value when they are on paid platforms like self-hosted WordPress.org or using a custom domain for your Blogger website.

​This is an expensive mistake that is still seen in most blogs. There is nothing bad starting out with a free platform, but move your blog to a paid platform when you start having an increased readership.

​8.Avoiding to connect with other experienced bloggers

​Not willing to tap into the experience of other professional bloggers who have made a name in the world of blogging is another sign you are neck deep in running amateur blogs.

It costs you nothing to reach out to other blogger or join a Bloggers’ association. These bloggers are professional. They have passed through the teething stage that you are right now.

​You can gain more knowledge and increase readership by connecting with other bloggers who are doing well in the blogging business.

​How do you want to succeed by standing alone like a tree without roots? That is not possible. Share your experience and gain more from professional bloggers.

​9.Not using social media

amateur blogs

​Yes, you write wonderful articles but you are not yet using social media to share your articles in order to gain more readers only means you are running amateur blogs

​As a blogger, you can never underestimate the power of social media. It costs nothing to open a Facebook page or have a Twitter handle to promote your contents and blogs.

​You can also drive traffic to your blog by being on social media. Avoiding social media as a blogger is like pouring water into a basket.

Use social media to create more awareness about your blog. You are still sabotaging yourself if you are not yet on social media.

​10.Jumping on a profitable niche

EAs a new blogger, jumping on a profitable niche in order to make some fast money is a sign of running amateur blogs.

 As a starter, all effort should be geared toward having loyal readers.

The passion for blogging will bring in the money at the end of the daynter your text here...

​If your intention is to start making money immediately to start blogging, you will be disappointed.

Serve your readers, gain credibility and prominence, then, the cash will definitely start rolling in. The biggest mistake you can make in blogging is to choose a niche that you have no knowledge or interest in. You may get frustrated very early in the game.

​11.Focus on one niche

​Going for multiple niches at the same time can have grave consequences. If you intend to do multiple niches, do it independently with different websites.

​Doing multiple niches will give you away as a “Jack of all trade, master of none”

Let your readers know you for just one niche at a time. When you succeed in one niche, then, you can start another niche entirely and still have a stronghold on your first niche.

​12.Blogs without search bars

​You lose a lot of readers if your blogs don’t have search bars. For instance, if there is a reader that is interested in a particular topic that was written on your blog.

 The reader wants to share the topic on social media or recommend it to friends and at that moment may be the phone went off and when the reader turns on the phone, he or she could not locate the topic any more.

 This is why having a search bar is very important on your website.

​A search bar will help the reader to search out the topic and connect with it for the purpose of reading it again or sharing it.

​13.Focusing on AdSense

amateur blogs

You are still running amateur blogs if your purpose of starting a blog is just to earn money through AdSense.

​AdSense advertising is not the only way to monetize your blog.You can earn through sponsored posts, affiliate marketing,

​ You can also selling products on your blog website, selling space for advertisement, etc. Setting up a blog just to earn through AdSense will eventually end in frustration.

​14.Be regular with your posts

Starting a new blog demands lots of time and energy. Consistency matters when starting a new blog.

 You must post your articles regularly and timely too.Enter your text here...

​You are still handling amateur blogs if what you do is to post content once in a while and go off the radar.

​Your readers won’t take you seriously if you are not consistent.

​Do not keep your readers stranded, always be consistent and see your readership increase in quantum. Consistency is key to succeeding in blogging.  

15.Relu​ctant to advertise

​Many owners of amateur blogs are not willing to advertise their blogs on social media.

You are still running amateur blogs if you are still reluctant to advertise your blogs to the public.

Advertising on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter don’t cost a fortune.

​This is one way to boost your social media handles and also generate traffic to your blogs. This method will help you to have more interested readers and attract potential advertisers.

Social media advertisement is one aspect that you can’t afford to ignore.  The advertisement is core to blogging.  

​16.Neglecting e-mail marketing

amateur blogs

​Neglecting e-mail marketing is a big sign you are still running amateur blogs. The use of this tool would help you to generate consistent traffic to your blogs.

​This is why your blog should have an e-mail subscription form that you are going to use to send newsletters to your readers.

​An e-mail subscription form will help you to have a database of readers. There are different e-mail marketing tools that you can use. There is Aweber, MailChimp and a host of others.

This helps you to ensure that you don’t have readers that are a one-off. This helps you to make your readers keep coming back to your website.

​17.Entice your readers with free gifts

​Not giving out free gifts to your readers is another sign you are managing amateur blogs.

 Make your readers happy by giving out free gifts once in a while. This is also a form of encouragement for your readers.

​This method will help to increase readership. Giving out free gift will help you to have loyal readers. You can do this once in a week or once in a month.

You can give out free data for them to always be online to read your posts or give out money. This will help to attract more readers because your present readers will definitely tell others about your blog.


​New bloggers are guilty of impatience. They are in a hurry to start making money with their blogs. Impatience is another sign that you are running amateur blogs.

 Blogging is not magic. There get-rich-quick syndrome in blogging.

 You have to be very patient in order to start seeing progress in your blogging endeavours. Patience is germane to succeeding in the world of blogging

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