Blogging introduction

Many celebrities are doing blogging convey their ideas to people or keep their image always in the mind of their followers. Professionals and this platform to pass on their expertise in the field and also for informing the public about their success. Companies and business houses are doing blogging or updating information about their products and services for publicity.

In addition to this , many individuals are doing this profession  and for them ,this platform is very helpful to convey or discuss their ideas or opinions to a large group of people. If they are capable of debating some genuine plans ( in which the public have some interest also). They will get a good audience.

Blogging is a perfect tools for the right people , if they know about the blogging tips and tricks, to convey something valuable to the general public regularly and will get a very god support from their audience because the audience read their post or blog regularly and give their feedback.

How to be successful in blogging?

Every body is blogging to get a large number of audiences, nobody is doing this for himself or his family members and friends. Through blogging, you will get a large number of followers from all over the world, if you are doing it in a right way.

Essential facts to remember;

When you are planning to start blogging , these are some important points to remember. First off all , you have a minimum talent to write reasonable good english in right and common way to give the right knowledge to viewers ( if english is your blogging language) without spelling and grammar mistake. You should have thought knowledge of the topic (niche) of the blog you selected. Otherwise , you will not be able to continue blogging after some posts. In a real sense you should have a passion for the topic ; then only you will able to gather more and most advanced information about the topic selected by you and present them on the blog.

Some important blogging tips and tricks;


Blogging introduction

Section of the topic while blogging;

In every post , you have to present an attractive content for you valuable and costly readers. Stick on to the selected topic always. You can include your personal experience and other details you want to share on your blog, but don’t over do it because doing using more than one time is worst for your readers.

Style of writing;

Blogging writing has no similar with the essay writing so use an exciting technique always and the better choice is to use a conversational style to write a unique blog. Include picture related to blog, audio files and video files also that are connected with your topic also to make blog more interesting to read. Including small stories and jokes will make the more attractive for your important users and they give you the good response.

Important and current ideas;

Each blog post should have some new information. Otherwise your regular followers will find your blog unattractively. They will make distance from your blog because they will not find information what they want really. They are reading the blog for information. Give them the most advanced information and tips of your niche.

Posting frequency;

You should have a fixed schedule for publishing new posts. It can be daily, once or twice weekly or fortnightly as per your convenience. Make the pan to post regularly and get good result for sure.  Stick on to this as much as possible and come with something new in each post on your blog.

Encourage comments;

Comments are interaction with your daily viewers and you should encourage it. Your readers, who don’t have their blogs, use your blog to express their ideas and comments. Encourage them and reply them personally for making him a fine relationship. It will help you in future for your blog to get a good success. This will attract more readers to your blog.

Above given guidelines will help you to do a successful blogging. But its success mainly depends on the niche you are selecting to write and the way of presentation specially of the blog. Learn in details about successful blogging tips and tricks. Search engine optimization are useful. Always write the blog which is useful for your costly and daily audience not for the search engines. If the writing post are good enough to read and get information at right way. It is hundred percent sure that more audience will subscribe to your blog to get detail , they want.

How to select domain name

Brandable  or Generic-

If you are searching for how to select  domain name ,Creative and brandable domain name  is always better . One thing must remember that your domain name  is how the visitor will find and share your company on the web.

A brandable domain is unique and looks different , and generic name is usually stuffed with keyword.

How to find a brandable domain name

  1. . U can select a different , catchy , new words.  That’s the all social sites did like Google, yahoo, and etc.
  2. . The second thing is that you can use a interesting and charming word that look fit to your site.
  3. . U can use domain name generators while selecting the a unique  name .

Easy to type

First think of some very popular websites in all over the world while selecting the domain name. Look to all popular websites in the world , one thing is common that they are all easy to spell.

Your visitors should able to type your domain name without facing any problem. If you will select a hard word then it will so complicated to type for your user.

Here’s an easy way to to test this………………….

Tell 10 people your potential domain name and ask them to spell it. If more  than a few people struggle to spell it, then you need to simplify it.

Very easy to pronouncable domain name

This is a basic thing if you are thinking to select your site name . You can test this very easily by same way as with the “spelling”.

An easy as your site name rolls off the tips of your fingers, it should roll off the tip of your tongue.

A easy pronouncable  name effects much to your visitors in a right direction. If your domain name is easy , your visitors will share your website easily on social sites and it will help you to increase your traffic.

Here’s what to keep in mind while selecting domain ; you want your domain  to be passed easily by you and others. this should also easy to pronounce.

 keep away from Hyphens and Numbers

Remember that while selecting domain  for your websites , never use hyphens and numbers because it will tough for your users to type while they will use internet. It is difficult to type.

Your domain name should be very smooth and punchy, and hyphens and numbers get in the way of that.

Avoid doubled letters

Always remember that when you are selecting domain for website , it’s good to avoid doubled letters , because it increase your chances of losing traffic to typos and if the traffic is less then all is useless. so don’t use doubled letters when u are selecting  name.

Leave room to expand

It’s very smart thinking to select  name that’s related to your niche because it will provide you some special idea of what your website have. But you don’t want to limit your options too much.

Properly moving your WordPress site to a new domain can be a frustrating process, and it can cause you to lose search ranking and traffic .

keep all these tips in your mind while select  name for your websites and you will get the best traffic.

Keep it short

While keyword is important , don’t go overboard with domain length.  Select always the short and appropriate domain name for blogging.

Also it’s a good thing to select domain  under 15 characters. Longer domain name are harder to remember for visitor.

Not to mention , users will also be more prone to entering typos with longer  name ,and you’s lose out on that traffic.

These are some good tricks to find out a short  name .

Stick with .com

In now days there lots of  name extensions available . For examples .com, .net, .org, .pizza, .photography, and even .blog etc.

But if you want a good traffic and facility , then your have to select .com domain. While it can be tempting to come up with clever blog names with new extensions, a .com domain is still the most established and credible domain extension.

In now days newer extension in the market like .ninja or .photography are not trusted and worthy.

So guys , there are some valuable tricks to select your  name for your websites and you will get a good traffic and facility , provide by domain.